Triumph FDV ST-269


Triumph Subsea Services is a technology company managed and operated by a team of world class subsea professionals, engineers, scientists, environmentalists and oceanographers that specialize in Blue Economy operations. Our Directors and Management share over 500 years of combined marine and subsea expertise and we are passionate about the environment and the urgent requirement to combat climate change.

To achieve these climate change goals and to reduce greenhouse gases we have designed and are building vessels that have pushed the envelope of technology with unrivalled innovations and industry firsts. We have incorporated all of the latest currently available advanced technology, robotics, safety systems and autonomous systems within our vessels and are at the forefront of future proof, environmentally friendly and Net Zero capabilities.


Our clients, stakeholders and the industry can be assured of Triumph’s commitment to continually evolve, adapt, invent and incorporate new Green Technology into our vessels as it becomes available. To achieve these Net Zero goals we are collaborating and connecting with partners within the subsea, maritime, technology, aerospace, engineering sectors and scientific research communities.

Our commitment to sustainability not only lies within our Net Zero goals but also within our goals of creating sustainable circular economies within our areas of operations. We are a global company, however we operate on local values with a commitment placed on local content for our vessel builds, supply chains and workforces.

We operate and subscribe to the highest levels of integrity of operational and environmental safety standards.


Our core values are GREEN and our ethos is TECHNOLOGY. These two words are the basis of our moto as we embark on our mission to achieve Net Zero vessels and marine operations by 2035 or sooner.

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