HMI’s all-electric subsea AUV/ROV transforming robot, Aquanaut, is the most advanced tetherless subsea robot on the market. HMI’s new deep-water version, the Aquanaut MK2 has a 24-hour mission endurance, 200km range, greater than 3000m depth rating and is fully hoverable while in AUV mode. In addition, the Aquanaut Mk 2 is outfitted with HMI's Olympic Arms, all-electric work class manipulators that have intelligent, one-click functions, deploying the latest in HMI’s Commander autonomy architecture. A quick-change effector system allows for tooling changes whilst subsea.


Aquanaut Mk 2 advantages and differentiators:

 Environmentally friendly

Fully electric equates to zero oil leaks.

 Safety focused

Aquanaut Mk 2 utilizes HMI’s Azimov, a law based system for all HMI technology which ensures that the robot interacts with people and assets, safely and predictably.

 Transforming capabilities

AUV mode or ROV mode in the same platform with all-electric work class manipulators.

 Hover capable in AUV mode

Can execute pipeline surveys @ 2m in a 3 knot lateral current.

 Supervised autonomous control for survey, inspection and constructions tasks.