Triumph’s use of advanced autonomous systems, robotics and IoT in our operations, minimises our carbon footprint, improves efficiency, improves productivity, reduces costs and reduces HSE risk.

We achieve this by:

■ Utilizing and designing bespoke, practicable, efficient; best in class and fit for purpose solutions.

■ Integrating robotics systems that are capable of machine learning allowing faster and more efficient operations.

■ Integrating advanced automation systems, digital twinning and IoT to improve efficiency and productivity.

■ Dedicated remote operations control facilities for ‘over the horizon’ operations of subsea robotic systems, USV systems, WROVs and cranes.

■ Reduced HSE risk due to reduced offshore headcount.

AQ Mk 2 NR - 02.jpg
Hydronaut and Aquanaut Mk 2 - 04.jpg
Triumph Eelume
Triumph Quantum Atom ROV with NR Olympic Arms 01.jpg
Olympic Arm
DeepWorker 610m.jpg