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Nauticus all-electric Olympic Arms are fitted to all of our Aquanaut and WROV fleet and provide numerous benefits over traditional hydraulic arms.

The Olympic Arms are:

 Environmentally Friendly

Fully electric equates to zero oil leaks.

 Safety Focused 

The Olympic Arms utilize Nauticus Azimov, a law based system for all Nauticus technology which ensures the safety of people and assets. The implementation of Azimov on the Olympic Arms allows for designated X,Y,Z keep out zones in the command software. Zones where the arm can’t ever go, even if commanded, force sensing, multiple e-stop and enabling protocols for human interface.

 Cost Effective

Quick change and effector system that allows for tooling changes whilst subsea.


Automated preprogramed one-click functions such as arm stowage and quick tool changes. Specialized manipulation automation can be programmed on a project by project basis.