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9 October 2020

SMD QT1600 Trencher


Triumph Subsea Services is pleased to announce that it will be installing SMD’s QT1600 trencher on our Windfarm Development Vessels. The SMD 1200kW QT1600 is the most powerful and flexible interarray trenching ROV globally, with the ability to jet trench to 3m in 100KPa soil conditions or chain cut 4m MBR cable to 2m in 600KPa soil conditions.

The selectable tooling skids allows options for freefly jetting to 2000m or hard ground chain cutting to 1000m, ideal for fixed or floating fields. The compact chain cutter system is highly manoeuvrable with a tight turning circle capability for second ends and also includes SMDs well proven hybrid cutter boom with integral jetting, for operations in soft rock or sands, making it ideal for variable ground. The QT1600 will be fitted with a Lloyds Sea State 5-6 cursor LARS system with a slack and snatch umbilical motion compensator, for rough weather operations which maximises the operational window.


A custom designed QT1600, rated to 2000msw will be fitted on our WDVs for use in the renewable and floating windfarm sector. The WDV is multirole and adaptable, thus allowing it to readily transition into cable lay and umbilical lay operations for use within the Oil & Gas sectors if required. The key drivers and differentiators in Triumph’s sustainability growth programme and technology are based on our unrivalled innovations and industry first initiatives, such as having multirole vessels. Triumph’s use of the SMD QT1600 that has ‘over the horizon’ operation capability is another example of how technologically advanced robotics and autonomous systems are utilized on our new Green Technology vessels that will be operating within the offshore wind, renewables and energy sectors.

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