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22 September 2020

SMD Atom EV Wind ROV

Triumph Subsea Services is pleased to announce that it will be installing SMD’s new Atom EV Wind work class ROV on our Floating Windfarm Development and Wind Turbine Installation Vessels. Atom EV Wind is a compact high stability, very high performance electric work class ROV. The vehicle is optimized for data gathering applications where a stable platform and high positional accuracy is required. Atom EV’s cutting edge electric drivetrain allows for excellent payload capacity and space to carry instruments and tools. The Atom EV Wind is ‘over the horizon’ operable and dedicated onshore facilities will assist with the operations of the Atom’s.

Triumph will be fitting 2 x Atom EV Wind with TMS units on our WDVs for floating windfarm installation projects and 1 x Atom EV Wind in free-swimming mode will be fitted onto our WTIVs. The key drivers and differentiators in Triumph’s sustainability growth programme and technology are based on our unrivalled innovations and industry first initiatives. Triumph’s use of the Atom EV Wind is another example of how technologically advanced robotics and autonomous systems are utilized on our new Green Technology vessels that will be operating within the energy, offshore wind and renewables sectors.

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