Triumph is currently developing the specifications and design of Subsea Harvesting Vessels (SHVs) for a client within the burgeoning polymetallic nodules subsea mining market. The new-build SHVs are being designed to meet and exceed the emerging green and blue economy requirements and net-zero carbon emissions goals. The requirement to meet these obligations and to minimize the carbon footprint, environmental and social impact of the vessels within this new emerging industry is paramount in the considerations of the vessels design and in Triumph’s operations as an organisation.

The parameters for Triumph's in-house designed SHVs is to be future proof so that as technology and marine equipment changes and evolves the vessels can also adapt and change to the new technology. The vessels are being designed to be autonomous and only reliant on shore based facilities for fuel, food and personnel transfers. Advanced reverse osmosis systems, water evaporator systems and waste water treatment plants all with redundancy mitigate the requirement to rely on local resources.

The SHVs are being designed to conform to the highest levels of class notation in regard to Clean Design, Environmental Design and SPS Code, where a focus is placed on low fuel consumption, reduced exhaust emissions, environmental protection systems and safety. The SHVs are diesel electric with hybrid battery systems and advanced energy recovery systems that greatly enhance the fuel consumption figures for the vessels and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The vessels are being primarily designed to remain on dynamic positioning and therefore the prime focus is achieving optimal fuel consumption figures based on these parameters.

Triumph is working with a selected group of vendors that will be supplying various equipment to the vessels.

NOV will be designing and supplying the following custom equipment:

  • 2,300tonne Riser Handling Derrick

  • Riser Handling System

  • Subsea Harvester Launch and Recovery Systems

  • Fibre Rope Winches


Kongsberg will be supplying the following equipment and systems:

  • Integrated Vessel Control Systems

  • Electrical Systems

  • Telecom Systems

  • Propulsion and Thruster Systems

  • Main and Auxiliary Engines

  • WROV Winches and Handling Systems


Kystdesign will be supplying the following Work Class ROVs:

  • 3 x 6,000msw rated Supporter Work Class ROVs


MARSS will be supplying the following safety equipment systems:

  • MOBtronic automated man overboard detection / tracking system

  • NiDAR autonomous threat detection, surveillance and anti-piracy countermeasures system