Triumph FDV ST-269

Value Proposition

Triumph's purpose designed, built, owned and operated fleet of Net Zero green credentialed vessels fitted with advanced autonomous subsea robotics systems, advanced deck robotics systems, AI, IoT, security and ‘over the horizon’ operations capabilities provide an unrivalled industry leading value proposition for our clients.

Our value proposition for our clients:

We achieve this by:

 Utilizing multi-role Net Zero vessel

  • Larger multi-role vessels can replace numerous smaller vessels

■ Net Zero emissions

  • Diesel Electric Hybrids with Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Energy Storage Systems

  • Can enter and exit port under full electric power

  • Reverse shore power connections can supply excess power from the onboard ESS to the onshore grid

  • Zero emissions incinerators

  • Advanced energy recovery systems fitted to all machinery

■ Reducing environmental impact

  • Less acoustic noise and disturbances to marine life

■ Reducing HSE exposure by reducing offshore personnel numbers by utilizing ‘over the horizon’ operations capable assets and equipment

  • Cranes, Subsea Robotics, USVs, WROVs and Survey Systems

■ Enhanced crew welfare and safety

  • MARSS MOBtronic™ automated man overboard detection and tracking system

  • MARSS NiDAR™ autonomous threat detection, surveillance and anti-piracy countermeasures system

  • NoviSphere™ PE254 UV pathogen elimination and air-purification system

  • All cabins have single bunks, eliminating the associated hazards and injuries to crew members and housekeepers.

■ Reducing carbon footprint, shortened project costs and execution due to:

  • Less vessels being required

  • Less transits to and from shore for project equipment

Reduced project costs

Shortened project execution timelines

Reduced HSE exposure by reduced offshore personnel

Reduced Scope 2 emissions