Triumph’s new-build Windfarm Development Vessels (WDVs) have been designed to be a turnkey solution for floating windfarm installations. The WDVs can install the anchoring system; suction piles, drag anchors or drilled pin anchors; mooring array installations; execute the hook-up of the floaters; install the export cable and array cables. The WDVs are scalable, modular and adaptable and the deck can be configured to suit any client requests.


The Skipsteknisk designed WDVs conform to the highest levels of class notation in regards to Clean Design, Environmental Design and SPS Code, where a focus is placed on low fuel consumption, reduced exhaust emissions, environmental protection systems and safety. The vessels are diesel electric with hybrid battery systems and advanced energy recovery systems that greatly enhance the fuel consumption figures for the vessels and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Enhanced crew safety feature include the MARSS MOBtronic automated man overboard detection / tracking system and NiDAR autonomous threat detection, surveillance and anti-piracy countermeasures system.

Cranes and Multi-Purpose Tower are operated via 3 on-board remote operations rooms and also have the capability of “over the horizon” remote operations. Cranes have below deck electric winches fitted with 2000m of fibre rope and the fibre rope is full load capable to full depth, the only limitation is the amount of rope fitted.


■ Class                         

DNV ✠1A, EO, SF, DYNPOS(AUTRO), SPS, Clean (Design, Tier III), ECA (SOx-A), Recyclable, NAUT(OSV), BIS, BWM(T), COMF(V-2,C-2), HELDK(S,H), ICE(1C), POLAR(C), FC(Power), Battery(Power), Fire Fighter II, Strengthened(DK, HA), Shore Power, Crane, Quiet I(x,x,x,40), VIBR, EP-D, Silent (E), Cyber Secure Advanced +

■ Length O.A.             


■ Beam                       


■ Accommodation        

240 personnel

Dedicated Client wing inclusive of offices and suites

Dedicated Management wing inclusive of offices and suites

■ Endurance                

60 days @ 16knots

240 days infield on DP (based on fuel and lubes)

■ Fuel Consumption    

Super Economical 9.5knots @ 23 MT per 24hours

Economical 14knots @ 36 MT per 24hours

DP @ 20 MT per 24hours

Note: Fuel consumption figures excluding power regeneration and energy saving features

■ Deck Equipment      

  • 2 x 600tonne Telescopic AHC Cranes

600tonne @ 2000m fibre rope 

Man-riding rated whipline

  • 2 x 200tonne Knuckle-Boom AHC Cranes

200tonne @ 2000m fibre rope 

Man-riding rated whipline

  • 600tonne Multi - Purpose Tower

2 x 300tonne tensioners – dynamic load

600tonne and 200tonne A&R capability to 2000m

  • 200tonne Skidding System

■ Carousels           

2 x 25m diameter below deck carousels each with 5500tonne capacity

1 x 29m diameter above deck modular carousel with 5000tonne capacity

1 x 24m diameter above deck modular carousel with 1500tonne capacity

■ Reel Drive Systems               

1 x Hub Drive with 4 x 750tonne Reel capacity

■ Trenching Equipment                

  • 1 x SMD QT1600 Trencher 2000msw rated 

Chain Cutter Skid 2m @ 600KPa 1000msw rated

Jetting Skid 3m @ 100KPa 2000msw rated

  • 1 x SMD QT500 Trencher 2000msw rated

Jetting Skid 2.5m @ 100KPa

■ Plough               

  • 1 x SMD Boulder clearing Pre-lay Plough 200te bollard pull 2000msw rated

■ Work Class ROVs                 

  • 2 x Moon pool deployed Kystdesign Supporter 150HP 4000msw rated WROVs with KD10TMS

Systems are fitted with onshore “over the horizon” operation capabilities as additional to the onboard control room.

  • 2 x SMD ATOM EV Electric WROVs 2000msw rated with HMI Olympic Arms

Portable Systems with onshore "over the horizon" operation capabilities as additional to the onboard control room.

■ Eelumes

2 x 1500msw rated with residency garage

■ Aquanaut

1 x 2000msw rated with residency garage

■ Daughter Craft                 

2 x 10m 8man



Crane winches are 4000m + capable but will only be fitted with 2000m of fibre rope.

Carousels – deck modular units will be project specific installations.

Reel Drive System – will be project specific installation.