Triumph’s new-build Wind Turbine Installation Vessels (WTIVs) have been designed with our core values of GREEN, our ethos of TECHNOLOGY and our mission to be Net Zero by 2035 or sooner the vessels have been designed from the onset to be future proofed and will be DNV GL classed with numerous Green notations including Fuel Cell (Power). The FC (Power) notation, along with the installation of the latest advanced hybrid technology, energy recovery and autonomous systems that reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions by up to 50% compared to similar vessels. Once the fuel cell technology is ready for installation it will be a short duration dry-docking to then reconfigure the vessel into a 100% Net Zero emissions vessel.  


The GustoMSC designed WTIVs conform to the highest levels of class notation in regards to Clean Design, Environmental Design and SPS Code, where a focus is placed on low fuel consumption, reduced exhaust emissions, environmental protection systems and safety. The vessels are diesel electric with hybrid battery systems and advanced energy recovery systems that greatly enhance the fuel consumption figures for the vessels and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Enhanced crew safety feature include the MARSS MOBtronic™ automated man overboard detection / tracking system and NiDAR™ autonomous threat detection, surveillance and anti-piracy countermeasures system.

Main crane is operated via 2 on-board remote operations rooms and also has the capability of “over the horizon” remote operations.


■ Class                         

DNV GL ✠1A, Self-elevating unit, Wind turbine installation Unit, EO, SF, DYNPOS(AUTR), NAUT(OSV), COMF(V-3,C-3), Clean(Design, Tier III), HELDK(S,H), SPS, Crane, ECA (SOx-A), EP-D, Shore Power, BWM(T), Recyclable, Battery(Power), FC(Power), Quiet I(x,x,x,40), VIBR, Silent (E), Cyber Secure Advanced +

■ Length O.A.             


■ Beam                       


■ Main Deck

Clear Deck Area        4,600m²

Deck Strength            10 te/m²

Deck Load                 8,500te

■ Maximum Water Depth

65 msw

■ Accommodation        

100 personnel

Dedicated Client wing inclusive of lounge, conference room, office, and suites

Dedicated Management wing inclusive of conference room, office, and suites

■ Endurance                


■ Fuel Consumption    


■ Cranes     

  • 1 x Telescopic Leg Encircling      2500te

    • Main hoist retracted            2500te @ 30m

    • Hoisting height above deck  ± 121 m @ 30m

    • Main hoist extended            1250te @ 47m

    • Hoisting height above deck   ± 166 m @ 47m

  • 2 x Lattice Boom                        30te

    • Working radius                    30te @ 45m 

■ Work Class ROVs                 

  • 1 x SMD ATOM EV Electric WROV

Integrated control room with “over the horizon” operation capabilities

■ Eelumes

2 x 500msw rated with residency garage

■ Aquanaut

1 x 500msw rated with residency garage

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